Someone once said it takes a village…the problem being that most villages only have 1 idoit. We have a studio full of them!!
Tyler On The Radio

It’s amazing this guy can get a job, and with his mouth, its amazing he can keep it!

Just Plain Ken

Just Plain Ken, the Ken half of the “Beaner and Ken Show” came to the studio with a box of sound effects, and a pot of coffee. He was hired on the spot. Not to mention he reminded Tyler of the teacher he had in second grade…Mrs. Parker…
Email Ken:
The Beaver

Beaver is not affraid to match wits with anything…dog, fire plug, or rubber chicken. With a love for all of the gossip he can handle, Deck takes care of entertainment, NASCAR, and other random duties….Let us not forget the coffee!!!!

Email Deck:

FloydThe story of Floyd begins in the City of Ridgeway…fast forward seveal years, add a hammer and wrench, and Floyd joins the New 92 Morning Crew, and host of the Floyd Factor

Email Floyd:
U-Turn Lavern

U-Turn has enough guts to hit the road every morning, and instead of avoiding traffic problems, she goes LOOKING for them!
Gina Scarpa

Gina comes to us from She is a selfproclaimed reality show expert. We think she just still has it bad for Puck from Real World Season 2. She has all the inside scoop on American Idol, and all things reality

Emilee Warner

Emilee joins us directly from Nashville, sitting high atop the CMT building, with her finger on the pulse of all things country. Oh, and she also plays a mean banjo…fellas, here is your very own bluegrass crash…. Emilee keeps up updated everyday with reports straight from twang town

Chris Lane
You saw Chris and his brother Corey on American Idol season 7. Although they made it to the face to face audition with the Randy, Paula, and Simon, that is where their AI dreams were dashed…so here he is!!

Tyler’s Mom
You can feel bad for her…we do.
Listen to the show live weekdays 6am-10am

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